How do you hook up fog lights

How to Install Fog Lhts 12 Steps with Pictures - How We'll be installing these projector fog lamps with the relay wiring harness from the intro so you can add a switch to control the on/off function of the fog lhts. How to Install Fog Lhts. Installing new fog lhts on your vehicle can greatly improve your visibility in poor weather conditions. Most kits come with detailed.

How To Wire Fog And Driving Lhts Harness Wiring Diagram Your vehicle may require additional brackets or other support in order to accommodate this product. Mounting. Mount both of the lamps at the same heht. Grille guards, lht bars and bull bars make excellent mounting platforms. Cutting of air dam or front.

Wiring Diagram for 2 Lhts w/out Relay Otherwise, you can use the brackets included with the product or use some additional support with brackets you can find at any hardware store. Or visit our web site at USE DIAGRAM “A” FOR AIMING FOG LHTS. 1. PARTS INCLUDED IN YOUR WIRING KIT. 1 - Switch.

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